Vantage Point

One incident, multiple perspectives. Yeah, that should describe this movie perfectly.

The plot was great. Some twists and turns throughout the movie, as well as a good play by Forest Whitaker made this movie enjoyable from start to finish.

Wow! Nice cam, Sir!

Thomas Barnes, played by Dennis Quaid, was either a character designed too serious and/or too super, or that Dennis Quaid overdid it. Forest Whitaker's performance, however, was great. Still, if you are on a tour and there was a bomb exploding nearby, what would you do? Would you run like hell, or would you "daringly" try to record the entire event happening around you? I bet anyone sane enough would choose to simply running scared. That's my objection to Forest's character.

Simply said, the power of this movie is in the plot, but overall the acting was rather average, with despite Forest's impressive play.

Note that I won't try to divide my ratings anymore but instead, I would give only an overall score.

For Vantage Point, I give it a score of 8.00.