The Forbidden Kingdom

Great scenery, good fighting scenes, interesting plot, a bit disappointing acting. While it was starred by two great martial artists Jackie Chan and Jet Li, I personally think that their individual movies were much better than Forbidden Kingdom.

The problem with this movie is the acting. I think it could be better if the movie was filmed in mandarin, not in English. Especially Jet Li, the English was awful. Jackie was slightly better, but not good enough. Also, I could swear that I heard Liu Yifei referring herself as "she"? Why not just "I"? Yet, if the entire movie was filmed in mandarin, that would pass the awkwardness to Michael Arangano. Perhaps a Babel fish would be the best solution?

Anyway, the scenery was great, and that was a plus for the movie. Still, I could only give 6.5 for this one.