The Onion Movie

Right after I watched Chaos Theory, I grabbed The Onion Movie. Honestly, I was hesitated in buying the movie. The fact that Steven Seagal was in it made me think too many times before I checked the internet and saw some good opinions about it.

Well, I like parodies, so essentially, I like the movie. Yes, it sometimes went too far, but in the world of humor, I think it would be forgivable. Just don't expect this movie to be able to escape condemnation from the Middle Eastern.

From "Internet crash boosts productivity" to "Martyrdom made easy", most but not all the jokes were pretty good. But the smile on my face suddenly vanished whenever the Cockpuncher shows up.

The rewarding experience from watching this movie was simply I found a new source of laughs (that would be Onion's website) apart from Cracked.

For the efforts to ridicule, the movie deserved a 7.0. Could have been better, but Seagal ruined it.

Here's Martyrdom Made Easy:

via videosift.com