The Bucket List

Nothing could be worse than being told that your days are numbered. Such thing could lead you to denial, anger, and then finally acceptance. This is the theme of the movie. An interesting one, more because of being greatly played by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Two men facing the same fate, but each with different background.

Actually, I prefer if it adds another character, a younger one facing the similar fate. It would've been more 'tragic' instead of giving you a somewhat "mildly good mood" at the end of the film.

"Hey Carter, do you think they sell Kopi Luwak in heaven?"

With both actors played their roles well, the plot was also good, but not that great. Perhaps this movie was not intended to be a heart-breaking movie after all.

Overall, it's an enjoyable movie. I'd give it a 7.5 for the score. That means between good and above average.