It took me months before I finally finished watching this. No, not because of the duration or the gore of the movie, but because the movie's first half was boring. It progressed too slow. I wonder if a snail is faster than this.

Entering the second half of the movie, the real thing began. Blood and gore at the pyramid and the chase scene. Watching the ritual at the pyramid may be too gruesome to some people (not me, though. I'm cool with that).

Heart, Anyone?

Still, the chase scene was rather too hard to believe. How on earth someone who got shot by an arrow could run across the dense jungle, jumped off a waterfall, got shot again, yet still alive?

Nevertheless, I must praise Mel Gibson's effort in visualizing the entire story. The entire dialogue were in Yucatec Mayan and that reminded me when I saw The Passion of Christ (which was shot in Hebrew, Aramaic and Latin).

Overall, after considering the effort to authenticate the entire movie, I'd give it a 7.0.