September Dawn

Regarded as an anti-Mormon propaganda, the movie was rather good actually, ignoring whether or not it was authentically accurate. I see it from a neutral point of view, and on the usual aspects of my reviews: acting and plot.

Although not as graphic as Pathfinder or Apocalypto, but the violence in this movie was clear. It was always about lunatic fanatics. This was when once again, religion became the source of evil rather than good. I felt very disgusted by the killings. How cowardly they were, attempting to borrow the hands of the Indians rather than conducting the killing themselves (although in the end they would do the killings).

The good, the bad, and the emotionally disturbed

I believe the cast was also great. Every one of them portrayed their roles well. Jon Voight and Jon Gries especially great. So, overall it was a rather balanced movie, between the script and the acting. One thing that was a bit annoying was the scenes where Jonathan tried to tame the horse. I think that was somewhat overdone.

For final score, I give it an 8.0; and for an article about the Mountain Meadows massacre you can see it here.