I've been posting reviews frequently lately that some may think what I really do in real life. Well, for a start, I work from Monday to Friday like most people, from 8:00 AM to indefinite time (sometimes I'm back at 9:00 PM, sometimes at 5:00 PM).

Usually I watch at least one movie each day, although on some circumstances I don't watch any. Weekends are when I watch multiple movies. When I'm watching series, I could watch them from morning to afternoon, only taking some breaks for a short while.

I have a long list of movies (including TV series) that I've watched and I think it will grow bigger and bigger. Actually, I'm rather picky when deciding what to watch, but my list consists of animated movies (American, French, Japanese), action movies, thriller, horror, drama, comedy, some documentaries, and some mixture between those genres. For TV series, I become more and more interested in Japanese taiga drama (right now I'm watching Toshiie & Matsu), while also watching series like House, CSI Miami, CSI Las Vegas, Heroes, Mad Men (in progress) and other series.

Movie Junkie is actually my way to achieve some goals. First is to share my experience in watching movies, then to learn how to make a good review (even now I still think that I haven't met my quality expectations yet), also I want to improve my writing skills. Other than these goals, I'm hoping that I could know some or lots of people that have the same interest with me, that is, watching movies (There are already some people that seem to be reading my posts recently and I'm very excited with it). Finally, I sometimes eager to learn about blog design, so I would like to improve myself in that area too (so far, still very mediocre design).

So, that's all folks. I hope my reviews could be helpful to readers, and I hope in time I would be able to improve myself, too.