Release Year: 2008
Starring: Rhona Mitra, Sean Pertwee, Bob Hoskins, MyAnna Buring, Adrian Lester
Directed by: Neil Marshal
Written by: Neil Marshal
IMDB: 6.3 (12,393 votes)
RT: 48% (61 reviews)
Metacritic: 51 (14 reviews)

Yet another apocalyptic flick. Wait, but this added interesting elements into the film that it made me pretty excited. Sure, while I decided to watch Cassandra’s Dream with some expectation that it would be a great movie, I chose Doomsday without setting any expectation except thinking that it’s probably just another disaster movie.

Well, lo and behold! Here we got guns, arrows, punks, cannibals, castle and virus! Not that typical combination, eh? And did I mention graphical violence? Yup, this one packed a nasty set of violent scenes. Blood and gore, but somehow would not scare you, but entertains you. Funny, no?

Anyway, don’t expect stellar acting here, though. The core plot was actually typical, only the additional elements made it a bit different than other similar movies.

For keeping me entertained throughout the movie, I’d give it a 7.0. Well, what do you expect? It’s still yet another disaster movie.