Another new series on TV, the Middleman looks like a good potential here. Unfortunately I haven't read the comics yet, so I don't know what could I expect from the show. It's a colorful movie, and watching it made me feel like reading a comic book.

Look, I'll play along but I don't want to be typecast as "damsel in distress", ok?

My only problem with it was only with the lead actress. I feel that Wendy Watson is portrayed being too a kickass character by Natalie Morales. However, maybe that's how Wendy should be portrayed. I can't complain because I haven't read the comic.

The design of the series is encouraging, though. The movie looked like a live comic book. It was colorful, matching the comedic atmosphere.

Right now, I'm giving it 7 for its potential addictiveness.

Be Kind Rewind

I was pretty excited when I read the brief synopsis on the cover, but the excitement slowly fading as the movie progressed. But I think I was just being overexcited. What would you expect Mike and Jerry do to swede a bunch of movies? In the end, the plot is just the same as another "save someplace that is bound to be destroyed/go bankrupt." You know, that typical theme for family movies. Although it was mostly dominated by Jack Black and Mos Def, I believe Danny Glover's acting was great. And honestly, the more I see Jack Black's movies, the more I don't like him. Maybe it's just me, though. Also, is it true that using erased tapes for new movies are in violation of copyright law? It sounds too stupid.

I wonder if there's anyone who can swede us....


Acting: 6.5 (I'm being generous here)
Design: 6.5 (just slightly above average)
Plot: 6.5 (promising only in the beginning)

Overall: 6.5 (just for pastime and silly laughs)

In Bruges

You know, I've seen tons of movies, and because I'm somewhat being picky, I mostly find it hard to give a good rating to a movie. But for "In Bruges", I'd say it's brilliant. It reminds me of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, but the power of the movie is emphasized in the dialogues. A hilarious dark comedy, it also slightly similar with No Country For Old Men, where a tiny circumstance could twist the entire destiny. I don't like to give spoilers, so going straight to the rating, I'd give a 9 for the plot, 8 for the design (combining the seemingly peaceful Bruges to a violent comedy is actually great), while for the acting it should deserve a 9 (the characters fit the cast perfectly, from the depressed Ray, somewhat repentant Ken, and nasty Harry). Overall, it's a great film.

Why didn't we just go to Disneyland? This place is a shithole. I want Mickey Mouse!
Shut up, Ray. Just enjoy the view, OK? Besides, I thought you hate Americans.


Acting: 9
Design: 8
Plot: 9

Overall: 8.5

Battlestar Galactica

“The Cylon War is long over. Yet we must not forget the reasons why so many were asked to sacrifice so much in the cause of freedom.
The values we fought for are still worth preserving today.
The cost of wearing the uniform can be high, but...
Sometimes it's too high.

You know... we fought the Cylons to save ourselves from extinction, but we never answered the question... why?
Why are we as a people worth saving?

Look at us. We tell ourselves we're noble, intelligent creatures. Children of the Lords of Kobol. But we'll still let people go to bed hungry because it costs too much to feed the poor... we still commit murder for greed or spite or jealousy... and we visit all of our sins upon our children.

We refuse to take responsibility for what we've done.
Like we did with the Cylons. We decided to play god.
Create life. And when that life turned against us, we comforted ourselves in the knowledge that it wasn't really our fault, not really. It was the Cylons that were flawed.

But the truth is... we're the flawed creation. We're the ones that tried to manufacture life and make it serve us. But you don't play God and then wipe your hands of what you've created.
Sooner or later... the day comes when you can't hide from what you've done anymore.

A day of reckoning.”

The above was quoted from William Adama's speech during the pilot episode of BSG. It essentially explained the entire series. The mankind is struggling not just for survival, but also against its own defects.

BSG is an awesome series. The best so far that could be found on TV. It has been able to maintain the standard from one season to the next, unlike most TV series that have beginnings but barely an end (because an end would be designed later to bail a series out of poor ratings). BSG has an end and that sets it apart from other series. The plot is remarkable, the cast is great, and the design could be defined as flawless.

Funny thing is, I don't like any character from it. Maybe because each of them represents human weaknesses. And Gaius Baltar? He surely looked like Jesus back then. Not just the looks, but also the role as "preacher".

The series is now taking a break and said to be returning in 2009.

Puddy tat, I tawt I taw Jesus!
Nahhh... that's just Gaius Baltar

Overall, I rate the series at 10 on the addiction rate. You just can't get more from it. Surely the fans would miss it when it ends later on. But fear not, Caprica would enter as the prequel series. I hope it will be as exciting as BSG.

So say we all.


I came across this pilot series sometime ago. The information about the series was quite interesting so I decided to watch it. Basically, this it was probably an effort to reboot the X-Files series. Initially it was interesting, with the audience somewhat promised of stuffs like mind control, teleportation, astral projection, invisibility, genetic mutations, and reanimation. Yet I wonder how far it would go? With the audience already seen X-Files, would could be possibly explored beyond that? Sure X-Files focused on aliens, while picking other cases involving the above mentioned, too. Well, anyway, I decided to play along with this one.

I don't like the Olivia Dunham character, though. Actually I preferred Peter and Walter Bishop playing this one together, but excluding Olivia Dunham. There's something irritating about Olivia's role, especially her romantic relationship displayed in the pilot episode. Kinda pathetic, I'd say. Why can't they just kick out romance completely out of a TV series once in a while. Some need it, but some just don't.

Anyways, this is the first TV series that I've reviewed. To rate a TV series, we could simply see it from the addiction level. Sometimes acting is not the main thing in a TV series. The plot is number one in TV series. Design also plays a major part because you would have to tread carefully not to piss the audience too frequent or the rating will plummet.

For the potential of Fringe, I must say I have doubts, but because I've decided to play along, I'd give it a 7 for "potential addiction rating". I say potential because it's just one episode for now. I must see at least half a season to see the real rating.

The Incredible Hulk

Despite all the positive reviews from various critics, I'm not that impressed with the movie. Compared to Iron Man, this is just of less quality. Still, its fast-paced environment surely something worth seeing. The way I see it, Edward Norton's acting is pretty good, and William Hurt also managed to personify a badass character. I enjoyed Tim Blake Nelson, too. But I don't really enjoy Liv Tyler. Perhaps it was just a personal taste. Although there are praises for Tim Roth for his role in the movie, I think he's just good, but not that spectacular. Maybe if he had more exposure in it he could be able to pull that off. In the end, the story went predictable enough so that there were any twists. Just like Iron Man, this movie paved the way for The Avengers (Tony Stark told General Ross that he is putting a team together). But where would Hulk be in that movie? I think Marvel should also look for developing Hulk's own major plot: World War Hulk. If that's the case, then World War Hulk and the Avengers could be considered as mega projects of Marvel universe. Or... could it be that the Avengers would be pitted against the Incredible Hulk? Of course, after reading the article on the Wikipedia, it could also take the path of the Warbound arc first before going to the WWHulk arc. I don't know for sure, but one thing very likely is that the next feature would be about the Leader a.k.a dr Samuel Sterns. The super-soldier serum seen in this movie also paved way for Captain America's arrival sometime before The Avengers begin.

"Hulk wants more!!! Hulk wants World War Hulk!!!"

Okay, enough for details, the score for this film:

Acting: 7 (good, but not that great)
Design: 7 (saved by the fact that it paved ways for other Marvel movies, which made it interesting)
Plot: 7 (not much surprise here, but thrilling enough as an entertainment).

Overall: 7 (worth watching, but don't expect it to be as good as Iron Man).


If there’s anything enjoyable for me watching 21, it would be watching Kate Bosworth. Sure the concept was pretty much interesting: gaining lots of money from the casinos through cards counting. Still, there are some points kinda odd to think about. For example, why would Ben kept the money on the ceiling? Couldn’t he just keep the money in the bank? Or other place like at his home? The usual “Greed always prevails” definitely boring. It could’ve been ended when Ben made it through $300k target. But yeah, as usual, what’s the point on making such a movie? Also, the most stupifying thing was why the hell the team find another casino, knowing that there were risks playing at the same place over and over again. A bunch of geniuses should’ve thought about that. Such oddities, fortunately, compensated partially by the presence of Kate Bosworth.

Who needs a job, anyway?


Acting: 6 (a bit convincing but still so so)

Design: 6 (nothing out of ordinary)

Plot: 7 (interesting at first, but boring in the end)

Overall: 6.3 (classified as light entertainment)

Kungfu Panda

Alas! I fell asleep a bit during the movie. Yes, the animation was great, but other than that, a very predictable movie. I don’t know how to rate the voice acting, so acting would be out of the rating here. The entire movie was somewhat boring in the plot, although the animation was kinda great. Not much to comment then as this movie was somewhat a mere ordinary animated movie. Although there were some funny moments, they were just too few for me.

Stupid panda! You're not funny enough! Try again!


Acting: - (can’t rate this one)

Design: 7 (great animation)

Plot: 6 (so-so)

Overall: 6.5 (just for light fun)


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skulls

After 19 years waiting for the return of Dr. Jones, I must say it was an utter disappointment. Sure, I’m a fan of Indy, but the latest chapter was a dud. Actually, the plot resembled the one in National Treasures 2 – The Book of Secrets. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the theme was “family vacation and reunion”. I mean, couldn’t it be designed other than that? Also, the “Kingdom” could be just plugged out off the title. It didn’t actually fit. The idea that a bunch of Russians roaming American soil without being detected was definitely an absurd idea. Not to mention that it was during the Cold War era when Communism-phobia was all over US. What will happen now that Indy has returned? In the closing scene, you could hear Indy said to Mutt: “Not yet”. I’d prefer to translate that to “Yes, I’ll be back, guys. Mutt would have to stay on the backseat for a bit longer before I retire completely”. Still, after Indy ends, imagining a movie titled: “Mutt Williams and the X of Y” seems to be too much to bear.

Damn! I guess I'm too old for this!


Acting: 6 (what are you expecting from an action-adventure movie?)

Design: 6 (so much for 19 years effort to bring Indy back)

Plot: 6 (pretty much predictable plot made me sick)

Overall: 6 (watching this is simply a formality)

Kid, this is what we do during family vacation, blowing up people...

The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian

The second chapter in the chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian was definitely a darker film than the first one. More killings displayed on the screen were definitely something that should be explained to your kids (if you have any). I think the strength of this movie was in the plot, while the acting was rather average, nothing special there. As for the design, it was not as colossal as the first and way beyond the LOTR trilogy. The third installment however, is already waiting in line. Some criticised the movie as a medium for Christian propaganda, with some plots resembling the Christian belief. Well, for me, I see this movie as a piece of art. After all, you don’t have to believe every movie that you’ve seen, right?

Argghhh!!! Another voice-acting???


Acting: 6 (Definitely nothing special)

Design: 7 (Less grandeur, but successfully put the darker impression throughout the movie)

Plot: 8 (It was better than the first)

Overall: 7 (Tough choice, but I’d watched it for simple entertainment anyway).

Speed Racer

This Wachowski Brothers’ latest movie apparently flopped in the box office, but it was definitely a sight to see. I’ve watched tons of films, and not many of them were colorful enough to dazzle my mind. Speed Racer was one of them. Unfortunately, because the movie was actually tilted to the younger audiences, the story itself was rather dull. I never saw the anime version yet, but it was said that the anime version itself was criticized as being a bit too violent. Nevertheless, the box office flop probably put a big question mark regarding the next installment (if there’s any). The racing scenes were definitely dazzling at first time, but when you’ve reached the second and the final race, you’d probably already felt bored.

Acting was somewhat average, like what you could expect on some kids’ movies.

Colors, colors everywhere


Acting: 6 (average at best)

Design: 8 (great at first, but the awe dissipated after the second race started)

Plot: 6 (maybe because I think it was too childish, but for kids, I think it was cool)

Overall: 6.5 (Yup, you’re not gonna die if you skip this one)

Iron Man

So far, it was the best superhero movie that has been released this year. The design was excellent. Robert Downey, Jr.’s acting was natural, a perfect match between the man and the role. His play was the dominating factor throughout the movie, eclipsing the others. The plot was also well put, as a matter of fact, Tony Stark was not actually a superhero with a “heroic” character. Instead, he was a badboy superhero, an exact opposite of Peter Parker. Several fragments in the movie suggested a follow-up movie featuring War Machine, and possibly Nick Fury and his S.H.I.E.L.D. (Damn it! I got out from the theatre too soon that I missed the Nick Fury’s scene with Tony Stark). As for the Avengers initiative, it’s probably have to wait until all the major characters introduced by Marvel (such as Captain America, Thor, and Ant-Man).

Mess up with me and I'll kick your ass!


Acting: 7 (But I give Robert a 9 as he was the perfect man to portray Tony Stark)

Design: 8 (Favreau’s touch really made this movie enjoyable to watch)

Plot: 9 (Marvel definitely succeeded in spreading excitement to the audience over what would happen in the sequel and the possibly related movies)

Overall: 8 (You surely don’t want to miss this)