Chaos Theory

Just finished watching this a few hours ago, and I think it was quite good. I must admit that apart from Reynolds, only Stuart Townsend managed to somehow deliver a good performance. The rest of the cast were simply "so-so".

Initially I was intrigued by the title. Chaos Theory seemed like a promising theme, just like what were offered by No Country For Old Men, where a mere simple thing could entwine the destinies of many people, and to be more precise, displayed accurately by The Theory of Everything, one of the CSI's episodes in season 8.

The movie, unfortunately, stopped at Frank's unfortunate way of discovering that something has been awfully wrong all this time. And that's that. So what? Susan still loves him, Jessie, too, why taking it too hard? I mean, there's nothing wrong with Ryan's acting, it's just the plot that playing out that depression way too much.

I actually got and idea to make the plot interesting... Why not make Frank gone berserk and violent, putting on one of Jason Statham's badass look and accidentally or intentionally (I don't care, take your pick) shot Buddy? Still, that would be impossible for Frank Allen. Frank's a nice man, too nice. Yet that "nice thing" made it through the end without truly meaningful bang.

The final score, I'd give it a 6.5, saved a bit by Ryan and Stuart's performance.