The Condemned

Release Year: 2007
Starring: Steve Austin, Vinnie Jones, Robert Mammone, Victoria Mussett, Manu Bennett, Madeleine West, Rick Hoffman
Directed by: Scott Wiper
Written by: Scott Wiper, Rob Hedden, Andrew Hedden
RT: 15% (from 93 votes), IMDB: 6.0 (12,212 votes), Metacritic: 23 (from 24 reviews)

Death Match on an island! The participants: 10 convicts awaiting death penalties. The prize: freedom.

But those were not what made me watch the movie. What made me watched it was Vinnie Jones! The big guy always impressive (at least to me) whenever he did a movie. Steve Austin was also in the movie, but the rest of the cast were relatively new to me.

This movie’s plot was already set for a clash between McStarley and Conrad from the very beginning and what happened in the end was also predictable, although it could be modified to be better. For acting, well, you don’t need lots of talking here, just shooting and punching and kicking. The too-coolness of Steve Austin was too much, because everyone would have at least an anxiety for being pitted against a horde of convicts, each with the same goal. Only Paco (Manu Bennett) displayed the human side on this one and don’t forget McStarley, maniacal character but amusing.

"What do you think this is? A fancy dress party?"

I recalled Battle Royale, a Japanese movie with the same idea with this movie. I think it was sometime around 2000. That movie was way, way more sinister than the Condemned in a way that it pitted school students against each other in an island. The goal was the same: to be the last person standing. Now, which is more horrible: a bunch of convicts killing each other or a bunch of students killing each other?

While Ian Breckel didn’t represent the government, Battle Royale was a government program, although not aired publicly. If you like the Condemned, I suggest you take a look at Battle Royale.

For being typical man-to-man death match, I give the movie a 5.0. Low one, but honestly, I like Vinnie Jones in this movie.


Jaccstev said...

For sure, I'll choose to watch "Battle Royale" again than this film. Thanks for the helpful review.