I was impressed by this rather old movie that I’ve decided to watch it again a few days ago. It wasn’t about the plot, because the plot was following a rather simple formula: Friendship and success ruined by a woman and greed.

The strength of this movie, however, was the portrayal of Nicky Santoro by Joe Pesci. I believe he was significantly remembered because of this role. Don’t let his posture fools you, he could beat a man to death because of a rather minor offensive words, and using simply a pen and his fists.

Ace Rothstein was rather of the opposite of Nicky. Calculating and calm, De Niro’s portrayal was great, too. The other key character was Ginger, played by Sharon Stone. I couldn’t help but feeling disgusted by her. It’s all about money, after all. If it wasn’t because of her, the entire thing could have been better. Still, Stone portrayed her very well.

Overall, it was a movie with a great cast. My favorite was Pesci, and without him I don’t think it could be a great movie. Final score: 8.0.