Veronica Guerin

This movie is about the true story of an Irish journalist, assassinated because her writings pissed off an Irish drug lord.

Surely, the movie successfully portrayed Veronica's persistent efforts to unveil the drug trafficking despite repeated threats to her family and her own life. Perhaps only a few journalists would dare to defy similar death threats. Although it cost her her life, the efforts were not in vain. And I guess that's what really matters in the end: to create a positive, significant change(s) in the society, if not the world.

Look, even Colin Farrell seemed to be awed by Veronica

Cate Blanchett was great, but perhaps a bit too cute to play the part. The story was pretty well told, although with less suspense. But I can't complain about that, because it's a true story, right? Nevertheless, overall, the movie is good. I'd give it a 7.5 as the final score.