I saw this movie last Friday. I must say that I were not impressed. Compared to Mary, Hancock is a wimp. Also, the whole premise about Hancock was rather pathetic. Alone, you're powerful, together, you're weak. I thought we were taught the opposite of that like, united we stand? Hancock alone is too powerful that I'd say it would be tempting to switch side to become a villain. Why not? He's been hated by the people, why not go all the way? With such power, why bother some pathetic PR thing? "You don't like me? That's your problem!" Of course, I haven't read the comic yet but, I'd still favor Superman than Hancock. FYI, I don't really a Superman's fan. Anyway, at the end of the movie, I still wondering what was that all about. An origin story is more like it. What about a sequel? Hell, I doubt that there's a worthy opponent for Hancock unless you tie him up with Mary and kick his ass. Prequel? Perhaps. However, that would be like imitating the Highlander storyline, right?

Compared to Mary, Hancock is a wimp

So, overall I'd give it a 6.0. And that's generous considering Charlize Theron's performance.