This movie has great script & great acting. What else would you want from a movie? It managed to deal with abortion issue neatly, I think. Despite the strengths, I wonder if it was realistic enough to expect anyone would behave exactly like in the movie. Tell me what would you do if you're on Juno's shoes? I bet most of you ladies would panic. And how would your parents react to that kind of news? Would they be as supporting as Mac and Bren? I doubt it. Generally, parents would go into berserk or crying. But that didn't happen to Mac and Bren.

Mac: Did you see that coming?
Bren: Yeah... but I was hoping she was expelled, or into hard drugs.
Mac: Yeah, that was my first instinct too...

I was amazed when I watched that scene. I wished that every parent would be as understanding as these two. Of course, that would be too hopeful.

The way the movie explore the abortion issue was also great. Juno knew she wasn't ready to keep the baby, but on the other hand she couldn't just throw it away or even abort it. Yes initially she thought of abortion, but she thought of a win-win solution to that issue, which was to let a couple to adopt the child. The couple would be happy, Juno would be able to continue her school without having to babysit her child, and the baby would be saved from doom.

Ellen Page was great, the entire cast were great, but I must say it must have been the script that made the entire movie great. My only issue was with the realism factor. Come on, how many similar cases (in percentage) could have ended up the Juno-style? Even to this day, there are still many would-be children killed by abortion. Pro choice or pro life? Well, I'd say both are choices.

Ellen Page was nominated for Oscar for her role as Juno, but apparently Marion Cotillard's was even better in portraying her role as Edith Piaf.

Overall, I'd give the movie a 9.5 (I still think it's too good to be real).