If you haven't seen this movie because you think that it's old, well that would be your loss. For a movie that was made in 1959, it's an amazing one. It deserved to received 11 Oscars for its quality. There's a subplot, no, a side-plot, about Jesus Christ. The story itself began in the year 0 with the birth of Jesus and actually ended with the death of Christ. Well, for one thing, you wouldn't be able to see Christ's face in the movie (He never looked towards the camera at a visible range).

Ye Olde Speed Racer

I've spent perhaps over 3 hours to watch this masterpiece. Exhausting, but it was well worth it. Charlton Heston was great, the rest of the cast were well, good. From Judea to the naval battle at the high seas, then to Rome and back to Judea where Ben-Hur raced against Messala in the chariot race, the impressive journey ended with the death of Jesus Christ.

Overall, the movie is still amazing even for today's standard. The fact that it was made in 1959 made it deserved at least 9.0 as a score.