This blood and gore packed movie was filmed in a 300-style. Despite the "artistic" look, the plot itself seemed to be typical of "one man killing machine". And yes, it had a rather similar flow like Apocalypto (the second half of Apocalypto, to be exact). Acting was rather "so-so", and rather the leading roles were played by swords and blood. The whole plot was rather "generic", thus nothing new offered here.

Overall, the main strength and the only one positive point was its look, but not the content nor the quality of the acting. Even so, I gave it a 5.0 as the final score.

By the way, the picture above is rather odd, isn't it? Usually decapitation cuts the neck leaving the area below the nose to the, at least, jaw, intact. But I don't see the mouth. So, I assumed that Ghost yanked the helmet so hard that the Viking lost his wig and the helmet, but not his head. Yup, that must have been a wig and a helmet.