I spent the first half of the movie wondering what was this all about. I initially stopped watching it because the story went on and on without a clear meaning at all. After a while, I resumed watching it and thank God the last half was more alive and interesting. In fact, I felt "awakened" with that sudden plot twist. Suddenly the movie ceased to feel “timid”.

For acting, I didn’t see anything powerful, so I guess this one scored a mere average on this aspect. So, in the end, the only strength of this movie was only on that plot twist. Unfortunately it was rather too late. Still, I’d give it a 6.5 for this one.


Jaccstev said...

even "Awake" isn't a remake of any Asian horror but i could found some similarities in this film to a Korean thriller with title "Return". Both are equally told a story about "intra-operative awareness", but if i have to choose which story that i most like, i will prefer to "Return" than "Awake".

Eternal Future said...

Unfortunately, I haven't watched "Return", but I must say "Awake" gave me a really hard time figuring out what it was all about for the first half of the movie. Perhaps I'll have a look at the "Return".