The Battle For Haditha

"The first casualty of war is innocence"

The above was the tagline of Platoon, a war movie which took the stage at the Vietnam war. Indeed, the entire sentence captured the pure essence of war, any wars. The Battle For Haditha exactly visualized this fact accurately.

I watched this movie about a week ago and I couldn't help but thinking that the victims of a war and any wars are the civilians first, then the soldiers the second. Nobody sane enough would have wanted to have a war raging on. We can't blame the resistance, we can't blame the civilians, and we can't blame the soldiers. The only side that we should blame at would be the ones who pulled the strings, the puppeteers.

Let's be honest, the Iraq war was never been for the sake of Iraq and even so, it was never for the sake of democracy. For the Americans? I don't think so. In fact, how many has been spent to fund the war?

Enough for the crap talk, anyways. The plot was smart enough not to create a one-sided opinion. You wouldn't be blaming the civilians, the soldiers, or the resistance. It would be more likely that you would be blaming the war itself.

Acting may not be the main strength of the movie, but compared to other war movies, this one is rather unique. I believe it deserved a 7.5.