Release Year: 2007
Starring: Eva Mendes, David Krumholtz, Rob Brown, Katie Cassidy, Jay Hernandez, Eric Lively, Monet Mazur, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Andre Braugher
Directed by: Bill Guttentag
Written by: Bill Guttentag
IMDB: 5.7 (825 votes)

Live! Is what happens when reality shows got so boring and you need a fresh one to throw a big punch to the competition. Your TV station is now on the edge of a cliff and you would do anything to get the number of audience. Yeah, some people would curse on it, but I personally bet that there would still be millions watching the show. It’s human nature, folks.

Who would participate on such freak show? Mostly desperate people who felt that they got nothing to lose, or thrill seeker, or people who just crazy enough. Yet in the movie, the final six participants consisted of five thrill seeker and one that was really desperate.

Six people, six bullets and one of them is live bullet. The one who dies will get nothing while the other gets $5 million. Seems a highly probable chance to win it, right? At first, the risk of getting yourself dead would be 16.7%, at the second turn it will rise to 20%, then 25% at the third turn, 33.3% at the fourth, and 50% at the fifth and 100% at the sixth turn.

Initially, I predicted that it would end on the sixth turn, because that would be a great drama, and that the sixth to pull the trigger would be the one so desperate enough to have that money. It would be ironic, right? That the others won money that they were not actually need it for (they actually thought they needed fame instead of the money). Alas, I was wrong, and when the show ended, the potential for that irony just gone away. It was a great pity though.

The cast was not that of famous people, but they played well. Eva Mendes was great and the participants were also great. Just look at the contradicting emotions the night before the show and during the show. It showed that no matter how ready you think you are to die, nobody is ready enough to pull the trigger.

For being rather a unique movie, I give this movie a 7.0. It could have been better, though. Also the start of the movie was rather too slow and uninteresting. Besides, is it really legal to air such show?