Iron Man

So far, it was the best superhero movie that has been released this year. The design was excellent. Robert Downey, Jr.’s acting was natural, a perfect match between the man and the role. His play was the dominating factor throughout the movie, eclipsing the others. The plot was also well put, as a matter of fact, Tony Stark was not actually a superhero with a “heroic” character. Instead, he was a badboy superhero, an exact opposite of Peter Parker. Several fragments in the movie suggested a follow-up movie featuring War Machine, and possibly Nick Fury and his S.H.I.E.L.D. (Damn it! I got out from the theatre too soon that I missed the Nick Fury’s scene with Tony Stark). As for the Avengers initiative, it’s probably have to wait until all the major characters introduced by Marvel (such as Captain America, Thor, and Ant-Man).

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Acting: 7 (But I give Robert a 9 as he was the perfect man to portray Tony Stark)

Design: 8 (Favreau’s touch really made this movie enjoyable to watch)

Plot: 9 (Marvel definitely succeeded in spreading excitement to the audience over what would happen in the sequel and the possibly related movies)

Overall: 8 (You surely don’t want to miss this)