Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skulls

After 19 years waiting for the return of Dr. Jones, I must say it was an utter disappointment. Sure, I’m a fan of Indy, but the latest chapter was a dud. Actually, the plot resembled the one in National Treasures 2 – The Book of Secrets. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the theme was “family vacation and reunion”. I mean, couldn’t it be designed other than that? Also, the “Kingdom” could be just plugged out off the title. It didn’t actually fit. The idea that a bunch of Russians roaming American soil without being detected was definitely an absurd idea. Not to mention that it was during the Cold War era when Communism-phobia was all over US. What will happen now that Indy has returned? In the closing scene, you could hear Indy said to Mutt: “Not yet”. I’d prefer to translate that to “Yes, I’ll be back, guys. Mutt would have to stay on the backseat for a bit longer before I retire completely”. Still, after Indy ends, imagining a movie titled: “Mutt Williams and the X of Y” seems to be too much to bear.

Damn! I guess I'm too old for this!


Acting: 6 (what are you expecting from an action-adventure movie?)

Design: 6 (so much for 19 years effort to bring Indy back)

Plot: 6 (pretty much predictable plot made me sick)

Overall: 6 (watching this is simply a formality)

Kid, this is what we do during family vacation, blowing up people...