Battlestar Galactica

“The Cylon War is long over. Yet we must not forget the reasons why so many were asked to sacrifice so much in the cause of freedom.
The values we fought for are still worth preserving today.
The cost of wearing the uniform can be high, but...
Sometimes it's too high.

You know... we fought the Cylons to save ourselves from extinction, but we never answered the question... why?
Why are we as a people worth saving?

Look at us. We tell ourselves we're noble, intelligent creatures. Children of the Lords of Kobol. But we'll still let people go to bed hungry because it costs too much to feed the poor... we still commit murder for greed or spite or jealousy... and we visit all of our sins upon our children.

We refuse to take responsibility for what we've done.
Like we did with the Cylons. We decided to play god.
Create life. And when that life turned against us, we comforted ourselves in the knowledge that it wasn't really our fault, not really. It was the Cylons that were flawed.

But the truth is... we're the flawed creation. We're the ones that tried to manufacture life and make it serve us. But you don't play God and then wipe your hands of what you've created.
Sooner or later... the day comes when you can't hide from what you've done anymore.

A day of reckoning.”

The above was quoted from William Adama's speech during the pilot episode of BSG. It essentially explained the entire series. The mankind is struggling not just for survival, but also against its own defects.

BSG is an awesome series. The best so far that could be found on TV. It has been able to maintain the standard from one season to the next, unlike most TV series that have beginnings but barely an end (because an end would be designed later to bail a series out of poor ratings). BSG has an end and that sets it apart from other series. The plot is remarkable, the cast is great, and the design could be defined as flawless.

Funny thing is, I don't like any character from it. Maybe because each of them represents human weaknesses. And Gaius Baltar? He surely looked like Jesus back then. Not just the looks, but also the role as "preacher".

The series is now taking a break and said to be returning in 2009.

Puddy tat, I tawt I taw Jesus!
Nahhh... that's just Gaius Baltar

Overall, I rate the series at 10 on the addiction rate. You just can't get more from it. Surely the fans would miss it when it ends later on. But fear not, Caprica would enter as the prequel series. I hope it will be as exciting as BSG.

So say we all.