Movies, Movies, Everywhere

Everyone of us must have seen a movie once in our lives, at least starting from childhood. From animated features to live action flicks, there are probably thousands of films out there. Some are good, some are mediocre, some are just a bunch of craps.

So what makes a good movie?

This blog will be my medium to appraise movies that I've seen before, based on my rating system.

In my opinion, a movie could be evaluated based on storyline, acting, and design.


A movie can be based on a previous movie (a remake), a literature adaptation, or an original one, but in the end its how the screenwriter transfer the literature to a working script, re-imagining old script to a new one, or to start completely from zero. I must say that the main attraction of a movie is definitely the story. The plot is all about WHAT to tell.


Great acting plugs realism to a movie. While not the first thing to attract the audiences, acting could squander a good plot into a piece of crap. Not to worry, though, these days studios will be willing to remake old movies whether it was good before or not. Actors and actresses are the WHOs in a movie.


In movie productions, directors are the gods. They determine every aspect in the film. They can even improvise the storyline, and determine whether an actor/actress should redo the takes or not. The techniques of directing, if excellent, could make the film a lot more enjoyable. Naturally, design simply means HOW the movie was told.

Mind you, the opinions stated in this blog will be simply of mine and independent. I'm not trying to promote any of the movies, just simply expressing fascination or disgust.