If there’s anything enjoyable for me watching 21, it would be watching Kate Bosworth. Sure the concept was pretty much interesting: gaining lots of money from the casinos through cards counting. Still, there are some points kinda odd to think about. For example, why would Ben kept the money on the ceiling? Couldn’t he just keep the money in the bank? Or other place like at his home? The usual “Greed always prevails” definitely boring. It could’ve been ended when Ben made it through $300k target. But yeah, as usual, what’s the point on making such a movie? Also, the most stupifying thing was why the hell the team find another casino, knowing that there were risks playing at the same place over and over again. A bunch of geniuses should’ve thought about that. Such oddities, fortunately, compensated partially by the presence of Kate Bosworth.

Who needs a job, anyway?


Acting: 6 (a bit convincing but still so so)

Design: 6 (nothing out of ordinary)

Plot: 7 (interesting at first, but boring in the end)

Overall: 6.3 (classified as light entertainment)