The Incredible Hulk

Despite all the positive reviews from various critics, I'm not that impressed with the movie. Compared to Iron Man, this is just of less quality. Still, its fast-paced environment surely something worth seeing. The way I see it, Edward Norton's acting is pretty good, and William Hurt also managed to personify a badass character. I enjoyed Tim Blake Nelson, too. But I don't really enjoy Liv Tyler. Perhaps it was just a personal taste. Although there are praises for Tim Roth for his role in the movie, I think he's just good, but not that spectacular. Maybe if he had more exposure in it he could be able to pull that off. In the end, the story went predictable enough so that there were any twists. Just like Iron Man, this movie paved the way for The Avengers (Tony Stark told General Ross that he is putting a team together). But where would Hulk be in that movie? I think Marvel should also look for developing Hulk's own major plot: World War Hulk. If that's the case, then World War Hulk and the Avengers could be considered as mega projects of Marvel universe. Or... could it be that the Avengers would be pitted against the Incredible Hulk? Of course, after reading the article on the Wikipedia, it could also take the path of the Warbound arc first before going to the WWHulk arc. I don't know for sure, but one thing very likely is that the next feature would be about the Leader a.k.a dr Samuel Sterns. The super-soldier serum seen in this movie also paved way for Captain America's arrival sometime before The Avengers begin.

"Hulk wants more!!! Hulk wants World War Hulk!!!"

Okay, enough for details, the score for this film:

Acting: 7 (good, but not that great)
Design: 7 (saved by the fact that it paved ways for other Marvel movies, which made it interesting)
Plot: 7 (not much surprise here, but thrilling enough as an entertainment).

Overall: 7 (worth watching, but don't expect it to be as good as Iron Man).