Be Kind Rewind

I was pretty excited when I read the brief synopsis on the cover, but the excitement slowly fading as the movie progressed. But I think I was just being overexcited. What would you expect Mike and Jerry do to swede a bunch of movies? In the end, the plot is just the same as another "save someplace that is bound to be destroyed/go bankrupt." You know, that typical theme for family movies. Although it was mostly dominated by Jack Black and Mos Def, I believe Danny Glover's acting was great. And honestly, the more I see Jack Black's movies, the more I don't like him. Maybe it's just me, though. Also, is it true that using erased tapes for new movies are in violation of copyright law? It sounds too stupid.

I wonder if there's anyone who can swede us....


Acting: 6.5 (I'm being generous here)
Design: 6.5 (just slightly above average)
Plot: 6.5 (promising only in the beginning)

Overall: 6.5 (just for pastime and silly laughs)