Speed Racer

This Wachowski Brothers’ latest movie apparently flopped in the box office, but it was definitely a sight to see. I’ve watched tons of films, and not many of them were colorful enough to dazzle my mind. Speed Racer was one of them. Unfortunately, because the movie was actually tilted to the younger audiences, the story itself was rather dull. I never saw the anime version yet, but it was said that the anime version itself was criticized as being a bit too violent. Nevertheless, the box office flop probably put a big question mark regarding the next installment (if there’s any). The racing scenes were definitely dazzling at first time, but when you’ve reached the second and the final race, you’d probably already felt bored.

Acting was somewhat average, like what you could expect on some kids’ movies.

Colors, colors everywhere


Acting: 6 (average at best)

Design: 8 (great at first, but the awe dissipated after the second race started)

Plot: 6 (maybe because I think it was too childish, but for kids, I think it was cool)

Overall: 6.5 (Yup, you’re not gonna die if you skip this one)