Kungfu Panda

Alas! I fell asleep a bit during the movie. Yes, the animation was great, but other than that, a very predictable movie. I don’t know how to rate the voice acting, so acting would be out of the rating here. The entire movie was somewhat boring in the plot, although the animation was kinda great. Not much to comment then as this movie was somewhat a mere ordinary animated movie. Although there were some funny moments, they were just too few for me.

Stupid panda! You're not funny enough! Try again!


Acting: - (can’t rate this one)

Design: 7 (great animation)

Plot: 6 (so-so)

Overall: 6.5 (just for light fun)


Linz McC said...

Oh I am sorry you thought it was boring. I will agree that the plot wasn't as exciting as certain other animated films I have seen. I wasn't falling asleep, but...

The animation was great! I loved the 2d animated bit at the beginning, too.

Eternal Future said...

LOL, it's predictable, though. What else would I expect from a children movie?

Absolutely true about the animation describing Po's dream. Fantastic.