I came across this pilot series sometime ago. The information about the series was quite interesting so I decided to watch it. Basically, this it was probably an effort to reboot the X-Files series. Initially it was interesting, with the audience somewhat promised of stuffs like mind control, teleportation, astral projection, invisibility, genetic mutations, and reanimation. Yet I wonder how far it would go? With the audience already seen X-Files, would could be possibly explored beyond that? Sure X-Files focused on aliens, while picking other cases involving the above mentioned, too. Well, anyway, I decided to play along with this one.

I don't like the Olivia Dunham character, though. Actually I preferred Peter and Walter Bishop playing this one together, but excluding Olivia Dunham. There's something irritating about Olivia's role, especially her romantic relationship displayed in the pilot episode. Kinda pathetic, I'd say. Why can't they just kick out romance completely out of a TV series once in a while. Some need it, but some just don't.

Anyways, this is the first TV series that I've reviewed. To rate a TV series, we could simply see it from the addiction level. Sometimes acting is not the main thing in a TV series. The plot is number one in TV series. Design also plays a major part because you would have to tread carefully not to piss the audience too frequent or the rating will plummet.

For the potential of Fringe, I must say I have doubts, but because I've decided to play along, I'd give it a 7 for "potential addiction rating". I say potential because it's just one episode for now. I must see at least half a season to see the real rating.


Linz McC said...

I watched this a couple of days ago, too. I thought it was pretty good. A lot of pilots don't live up to their potential, and I felt like this one set us up for some good stories pretty well.

I don't think I disliked the female character Dunham, but I wasn't a fan of the actress playing her. I really enjoyed the father/son interaction.

We'll have to see how this one plays out. I will be giving it a try though.

Eternal Future said...

Well, I'm not against women here but I think there have been too many similar pairings and plots involving the pairings, such as in the X-Files, Alias, and tons of other series. I'd prefer if agent Olivia Dunham works solo or that Peter works solo or Peter and Walter working together. Well, that's just my opinion, though. Nevertheless, we'll see how things unfold in the subsequent episodes.