We Own The Night

Release Year: 2007
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Duvall, Eva Mendes
Directed by: James Gray
Written by: James Gray
IMDB: 7.1 (23,523 votes)
RT: 54% (134 reviews)
Metacritic: 59 (33 reviews)

A crime drama that featured a great cast, but a somewhat typical plot, We Own The Night was probably a decent flick to watch, but I don’t think it could be a memorable one. In the end, you would think that it’s just another crime drama.

The story began with Bobby Green as a somewhat a tough guy himself working for a Russian nightclub owner. Their relationship was close until one day the police, led by his brother Joe raid the establishment and starting a confrontation between the police and Russian drug dealers. The film ended in a typical manner of similar movies.

I failed to see notable performance from Mark Wahlberg. Phoenix did a great job portraying Bobby Green, as well as Robert Duvall’s role as the father of Joe and Bobby (I emphasized “father” instead of chief of the police force). Eva also managed to provide a fine acting here. Although she wasn’t set as one of the primary characters, her play made it as if she was one (of course she was categorized as “lead actress”, but that doesn’t mean being the key character). One thing that bugged me was that Bobby went from being “tough” to “weak”. Despite a great play by Phoenix, that sudden transformation was just unbelievable to me. Well, perhaps being arrested was having a rather traumatic impact on Bobby (but I would still can’t believe it). Also, I still failed to find the connection between the title and the content of the movie…

Again, deeper characters and relationships explorations could make this one better, but in the end, it was just another crime drama. For that achievement, I give this one a 6.5.


Linz McC said...

I found this one to be lacking. I just expected more from the story and from the actors. Phoenix was great but I still was underwhelmed overall.