Nim's Island

Release Year: 2008
Starring: Abigail Breslin, Gerard Butler, Jodie Foster
Directed by: Jennifer Flackett & Mark Levin
Written by: Jennifer Flackett, Mark Levin, Joseph Kwon & Paula Mazur; based on a book by Wendy Orr
IMDB: 6.1 (4,364 votes)
RT: 48% (93 reviews)
Metacritic: 55 (24 reviews)

I’ve got an early warning about this movie, though. Yet, usually I would prefer to believe what I see rather than just chew on someone else’s perception. So, I’ve decided to watch Nim’s Island on DVD. I was actually intrigued with the cover, but I felt that I should not put my expectations too high for this movie.

Nim’s Island is about Nim, a girl who lives with her father in an island somewhere in Pacific. As a scientist, Jack Rusoe usually sails around the island to find samples for his projects, until one day he got lost at the sea. I don’t like the notion that he got lost at the sea, because I suspect that he wasn’t that far from the island when the storm struck his boat. Besides, Nim’s pelican friend Galileo brought him tools so that he could repair the damages on the boat (thank God the animals didn’t talk!). In effect, that stole away the element of suspense, I believe.

Meanwhile, Alexandra Rover is a writer. She writes books about the adventures of Alex Rover, some sort of goofy version of Indiana Jones. She became so attached to the character that she even imagining him for real life character. She’s also an agoraphobic, afraid to go out of her house, opted to just order anything by phone if possible. After she started to receive e-mails from Nim, telling that she needed help to find her father, Alexandra finally set out on a journey to Nim’s island. In the island, when Nim saw a crew from a cruise ship arrived at the island, she was afraid that she would lose the island. Thus, she devised a plan on how to drive the unwanted visitors away from her island.

This movie could have been a lot better. But a lot of things just got overstretched and made them seemed to be silly and ruin the whole potential. Perhaps, this movie wasn’t intended for mature audience, because the more you seek the logic in the movie, the more likely for you to get confused. The thrill factor was also absent from this movie. No suspense, no drama, just beautiful scenery around the island. Alexandra Rover character was also too exaggerated, although Jodie Foster managed to portray her pretty well. Gerard Butler also failed to impress me. Perhaps because of his small portion in this flick. Abigail Breslin played Nim sufficiently, but perhaps because of the plot her acting failed to impress me. To me, Nim’s just a little girl running around the island with too much worries.

Well, the plot lacked realism (perhaps this was intentional?), the acting suffered from the characters outlined in the story (except that Jodie Foster was pretty successful in portraying a really annoying character), but the scenery was good enough to give me some consolation (but I can surely get great sceneries from National Geographics, right?). Still, I think this movie is not of my league. Well, maybe for kids, but just not for me. Final score: 4.0.
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