Meet Bill

Release Year: 2007 (Toronto International Film Festival, 2008 for wider release)
Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Elizabeth Banks, Logan Lerman, Jessica Alba, Timothy Olyphant
Directed by: Bernie Goldmann & Melisa Wallack
Written by: Melisa Wallack
IMDB: 6.6 (2,795 votes)
RT: 12% (17 reviews)
Metacritic: 30 (8 reviews)

The main plot of Meet Bill was simply about a man that had been living a miserable life and when the boiling point had been reached (that was when he learned that his wife was having an affair with a television anchorman), he decided that he would have to break out of his old life and start a new life of his own choice.

I obviously felt that this movie was lacking in plot. The story was rather predictable until the end gave you a rather unusual conclusion for similar kind of movie. Another weakness of the plot was that the movie spent too much screen time exploiting Bill’s miserable life. Of course it has to be about Bill, but I think it went too far that it neglected some side stories. For example the relationship between the Kid and Jess, and between Jane Whitman & Jim Whitman (although they were minor roles, but sometimes exploiting some minor roles could bring magic), and Jess herself (we could plainly see that somehow Jess was still in love with Bill, but the movie failed to give a better highlight on this aspect).

As I mentioned earlier, too much screen time was given to Bill, it overshadowed the performance of the entire cast aside. Aaron Eckhart fortunately, managed to give a great performance. You would pity Bill and you would also adore Bill. Yet despite his goofy behaviour, I found it hard to laugh at Bill. Instead, you would sympathize on him. Eckhart managed to deliver all the necessary expression that Bill needed. Logan Lerman has a talent, but I think because of the script his performance got impaired, sometimes it was good, but sometimes it was just dull. I believe the kid should be the number two in this movie, but most of the poster put Jess and Lucy instead of him.

As for the supporting cast, Elizabeth Banks failed to deliver anything significant. Not because of bad acting, but I believe because the script hindered her. Jessica Alba even got a worse spot. She could’ve been better off if only the script explored Lucy’s relationship with the Kid. Timothy Olyphant was also categorized as an extra in this movie. I prefer him as Seth Bullock than as the anchorman Chip.

All in all, this could have been a better movie, but even with some improvements, it won’t be a great one. As for the score, I give it a 5.0 thanks to Eckhart convincing performance (because all other aspects sucked).