Shaun of the Dead

Release Year: 2004
Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kate Ashfield, Lucy Davis, Dylan Moran, Penelope Wilton, Bill Nighy, Jessica Stevenson, Peter Serafinowicz
Directed by: Edgar Wright
Written by: Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg
IMDB: 8.0 (94,280 votes)
RT: 91% (170 reviews)
Metacritic: 76 (34 reviews)

This is an example of people that got too busy with their problems that they didn’t realize that the world around them has been “zombiefied”. Shaun’s life has been a rather sorry one. Trouble with his girlfriend, a rather boring work along with lack of respect given by his co-workers. He’s also trying to come into terms with his step dad. So preoccupied with these problems that when London streets went bonkers, he and his friend Ed just failed to notice that. Only sometime nearly in the middle of the film they finally realized that the zombies had roamed the streets.

Shaun of the Dead is essentially a comedy, set in an zombiefied England, and spiced with some dramatic dialogues, especially between Shaun and his mom, and also with his step dad. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the presentation, I found them less dramatic but more funny. Although it’s a zombie flick, it’s not scary at all. Anyone trying to categorize this movie into horror surely got the have his/her sanity checked.

The storyline may not be great, but it was entertaining. The cast was also great, had me laughed frequently and that considering I’m not an easy person to laugh at comedy flicks, I consider it a great one. Acting was good for a comedy, and the way the movie was presented was also great. It reminded me to Hot Fuzz.

Personally, I believe Shaun of the Dead is better than Hot Fuzz. Yeah, they are comparable because the lead actors are the same, and the writers are also the same, even the director. Overall, I’d give it an 8.5.

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