Generation Kill

Lee Tergesen – Evan Wright
Alexander Skarsgård – Sgt. Brad ‘Iceman’ Colbert
James Ransone – Cpl. Josh Ray Person
Billy Lush – Lance Cpl. Harold James Trombley
Stark Sands – 1st Lt. Nathaniel Fick
Jon Huertas – Sgt. Antonio Espera
Jonah Lotan – Hosp. Corpsman Second Class Robert Timothy ‘Doc’ Bryan
Wilson Bethel – Cpl. Evan Stafford
Pawel Szajda – Cpl. Walt Hasser
Marc Menchaca – Gunnery Sgt. Mike ‘Gunny’ Wynn
Rey Valentin – Cpl. Gabriel Garza
Kellan Lutz – Cpl. Jason Lilley
Mike Figueroa – Sgt. Leandro Batista
Josh Barrett – Sgt. Larry Shawn Patrick
Sgt. Rudy Reyes – Sgt. Rudy Reyes
Rich McDonald – Cpl. Anthony Jacks
Eric Ladin – Cpl. James Chaffin
Chance Kelly – Lt. Col. Stephen ‘Godfather’ Ferrando
Brian Patrick Wade – Cpt. Craig ‘Encino Man’ Schwetje
Eric Nenninger – Cpt. Dave ‘Captain America’ McGraw
Neal Jones – Sgt. Major John Sixta
Michael Kelly – Cpt. Bryan Patterson
David Barrera – Gunnery Sgt. Ray ‘Casey Kasem’ Griego
Benjamin Busch – Major Todd Eckloff
Owain Yeoman – Sgt. Eric Kocher
J. Salome Martinez – Cpl. Jeffrey Carazales
Nabil Elouahabi – Meesh
Robert John Burke – Major General James Mattis

Directed by Susanna White, Simon Cellan Jones, and Patrick Norris
Written by David Simon, Ed Burns, Evan Wright
Premiered on July 13th 2008

Based on the book Generation Kill by Evan Wright, this series drew my attention after I read some opinions about it on the internet. So, I’d say to myself, well let’s give it a shot then. Like another HBO’s production Band of Brothers, the series offered a huge cast, but this time, a shorter storyline.

There are seven episodes in the series. It started at the early stage of US invasion in Iraq of which later named Operation Iraqi Freedom and ended when Evan Wright ended his tour with the First Recon Battalion.

Most of the issues portrayed in the series were about how things went off track, how the soldiers somewhat questioning their very presence and roles in the war. For example, Brad Colbert was dismayed with the fact that the missions accomplished were not utilizing his abilities fully. Sgt. Espera, for example, believed that the war went towards the wrong way after witnessing civilians blown up by artillery fire. And then there were those internal strifes between officers, and also the incompetence of some officers that either endangering the troops or treating prisoners unfairly.

There were only several shootouts in the series, and until the end, it was more like a war drama rather than an action-packed war movie. Overall, however, the acting was great. I felt like seeing a documentary. The story was based on a book by Evan Wright, so this one cannot be complained if you think this series lacked the action.

Still, compared to Band of Brothers, this one is still way below it. In BOB, I saw a clear character transformation from the rookie soldiers in training to a veteran soldiers at the end of WWII. Despite GK and BOB were both well acted, BOB has a significant edge over GK. Then again, for an adaptation of a book, Generation Kill is still a good movie to watch, but if you wish to see lots of action and shootings, you’d better skip this one.

For being a good movie, I’d give it an 8.0. It’s a pity that we’re still far from seeing the war to end.

By the way, with some talks about the making of Captain America movie, I think Alexander Skarsgård could be a perfect choice for portraying the Captain. What do you think, folks?

* source: Wikipedia
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