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Well, I'm a bit surprised that Linz put my blog on the list of her 7 most favorite blogs. I actually think that I'm not a good writer. Sometimes there are urges to rewrite the entire blog that I've wrote because I think the writing sucks. But, lo and behold! I've been listed by Linz!

So, I guess it's my turn now to list my 7 favorites. Actually, they are here on my sidebar, but here they are:

1. Linz McC's Completely Pointless Blog, being the first person to comment on Movie Junkie and despite we haven't met at all, I think from her writing she's a great person. She writes reviews on TV series, big-screen movies, and books. I like her writing style, very enjoyable.
2. Movie Cafe, delivers previews and reviews as well as other information around movies. That surely a lot of things to do for Jaccstev. Covering also Asian movies, this blog really has something to be considered unique. Hey, the guy's also a fellow Indonesian! (but that's surely not the basis for making the blog as favorite).
3. At The Movies with Farzan has a unique structure in reviews presentation and this is the strength. To be honest, I'm surprised to find someone who watch the quality of the picture so thoroughly. Very organized and enjoyable to read, the blog covers past and current movies. I think the guy likes Futurama, though.
4. Screen Savour is another unique movie review blog. Covering oldies, T.S. writes in a great style. Paying attention to the details and surely a wide knowledge about this movie world and its history, this site really amazes me. Well, what makes me wonder is surely how he could get access on those oldies. Some are even from 1920s! I mean, I for once only watched a few oldies like Casablanca, Ben-Hur, Psycho, and Citizen Kane. But hey, they're great movies!
5. Sarcastic Movie Reviews by rtheygood takes the reviewing style to the other extreme. Mostly humorous and entertaining, it sometimes reminds me that not that all the movies that I've watched and reviews are 'that good'. Of course, I've savagely put a very low rating for a few movies, too. The difference was that I didn't write it in a humorous style.
6. Blogger Buster is not about movies at all, but it is my favorite site. Amanda's site has been a great help to me in learning how to make my blog better. Because it specializes on Blogger platform, I feel that it's a must for me. Great work, Amanda!
7. Daily Galaxy is also a non-movie related blog, but due to my interests in life, the universe, and everything, this blog is giving me a lot of information about scientific developments. Administered by Josh Hill and Luke McKinney, it is great blog with great design and content!

So there you have them, folks. If you have the chance, perhaps you would list up your own 7 favorite blogs?
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