Returning Series

Several series has started their new seasons recently. I only pick several to watch in the months ahead. The first is Heroes. After a scrappy second season, Heroes returns with more characters and perhaps more plot twists, and potentially a lot of new mess. The focus could be on the bad guys this season as stated in the volume title. But one thing that always bothers me with TV series is that the propensity to fall into the soap series. Generating new characters to replace dead ones, resurrecting dead ones from the dead, are all old tricks to lengthen the series lifetime. I don’t like it though. The dead should stay dead. Bringing them back to life would likely do more harm than good. The start of season 3 was also quite messy, because it’s a bit chaotic. What good would it be to have Suresh owning a super power? Perhaps just to prove that it was a mistake on his part, and if it’s lethal, I prefer to have him die, not cured. If he turns out to be a villain, so be it. Don’t hesitate to have it that way, too. Sure the third season has not been dull like the previous season, but so far, it’s a mess and I don’t really sure where it wants to go. I hope Tim Kring won’t do the same mistake as in the second.

I didn’t watch Smallvile from the first season, yet I tried to watch the season 8 premiere and got pretty much interested in it. So, I’d like to watch this series to see whether the rest of the season is as good as the beginning. Honestly, I don’t like to watch Clark Kent’s adventures as a young country boy, but the beginning of the 8th was setting the stage for the adult Clark, and thus the real adventures of Superman. What interests me more is that this could be the early stage of the formation of JLA. It got Arthur Curry and Oliver Quinn as well as Dinah Lance (Black Canary). Hopefully, the story will be getting more and more interesting as the season progresses. Recent readings suggested that several members of the Legion of Superheroes may appear in season 8.

I watched the pilot episode of Fringe earlier a few months ago along with The Middlemen, True Blood, and Life On Mars. Of these, so far I’ve watched Fringe. I got the Middlemen, but haven’t watched it. I believe Fringe is an attempt by Fox to ressurect the X-Files genre. Although it doesn’t focus too much on the alien stuffs, but rather, on the fringe sciences. I still think that the lead actress is not necessary at all, and that the whole team could just get along with Walter and Peter Bishop. Olivia Dunham would only create a stark reminder to the X-Files. The plot is already seen as identical with X-Files, and we’re still in the third episode here! Conspiracies weaved to create a grand conspiracy named the Pattern. So far, the induced progeria and human walkie-talkie stuffs couldn’t impress me. Thus, in the longer run, I’m not that sure whether I would be really enjoying this new series or not. If this is regarding fringe science, I hope everything will be verifiable in the name of science.

After some months off the air, Dr House made a comeback. It appears that the entire season 5 would be about Wilson coming into terms with Amber’s death in season 4 and possibly with ‘Thirteen’ also coming into terms with her having diagnosed with Huntington. As for House, well I doubt that he would actually make a big change in himself after all. Although not yet considered as awesome, the potential for season 5 to be as good as the previous seasons remains there. Okay, the first two episodes were still the average House episodes and there’s nothing special happens yet. I hope the plot would be more and more exciting than prior seasons. This is one of my favorite series, though. I’m not watching it because I’m not a medicine-world enthusiast, but rather, the character of House himself that attracts me. Actually, I don’t feel good with the hospital stuffs theme (I didn’t watch E.R. and Grey’s Anatomy nor Scrubs, too). It gives the impression how fragile we are as a living being. Well, we know about that already, right? There’s no need to amplify or exaggerate it too much. Anyway, it’s great to have House back now.

How Not To Live Your what? This British sitcom about a no-good man with no job at all may not be a widely recognized series. But I decided to give it a shot. Starring Dan Clark, Sinead Moynihan, Finlay Robertson, and David Armand, this series has been pretty entertaining at some parts, although there have been some silly jokes, too. I think Dan Clark should focus the Don character to strive for new job, given that he got to pay for his living expenses and also for the mortgage on the granny’s house. Else, it would be questionable how Don could pay up his daily expenses. The secondary plot should be about his efforts to take over Abby from Karl. Nevertheless, there are 6 episodes for the first season, and it will be decided whether I will continue to go through the second season.

With her as the lead actress, would I want to miss it?

Lt. Horatio Caine is back, alive and kicking. Not even a small surprise, though. I’ve been following the series with the hope to see things getting better, but so far, it’s still the same old CSI Miami. Caine should be considered as a superhero not a supercop anymore. His style, his luck, and his awesomeness are just too hot to handle by Miami criminals. It’s surprising that the ratings is still pretty good given the ‘typical storyline’. Yeah, the suspects usually too easy to commit their crimes, and perhaps too stupid to leave evidences on the scene. Also, each member of Cain’s team had suffered in previous seasons, with Alexx as the latest to got hit heavily and resigned from the team. Eric also got a near-death experience, as well as Calleigh. Boa Vista and Wolfe had their personal problems too, although not a near-death style. Tim Speedle got killed in the beginning of season 3 and so far nobody else dies. Compared with the original Las Vegas CSI, the Miami spinoff got too centralized on Caine, and perhaps this what made the whole series vulnerable. It also lacked mystery in the cases. Cases usually got solved too easily, unlike what happened to Grissom’s team back in Vegas. I guess if season 7 shows no changes, I’d call it a quit.

The Almighty Caine is back...

What about medieval stuffs? Knights and wizards and dragon? Well, if you like those stuffs, maybe Merlin is for you. The UK series is based on the supposedly the life of Merlin from the Arthurian legend. At least that’s what I thought before, until I saw the first episode. I imagined that Merlin was a lot older than Arthur, but in the series, they are of the same age. This already ruined my interest on the series. Then, Guinevere is, no offense here, black? I guess the whole Camelot gone bonkers now? What next? Would there be Gentleman of the Lake instead of Lady of the Lake? Would Excalibur be replaced with a shotgun? Why not doing it a la Monty Python instead? Anyways, I’ll see where this series is going, although I’m awfully disappointed with the first episode.

That’s it then, the shows that I’m planning to watch in the next few months. I’m also waiting for the new seasons of Battlestar Galactica and CSI Las Vegas.

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