Profit - Season 1

Production Year: 1996
Starring: Adrian Pasdar, Lisa Zane, Keith Szarabajka, Jack Gwaltney, Allison Hossack, Lisa Darr, Lisa Blount, Sherman Augustus, Scott Paulin, Jennifer Hetrick.
Created by: David Greenwalt and John McNamara
IMDB rating: 8.7

"When a crisis hits, the key is, never be afraid to improvise." - Jim Profit

I've finally completed watching the full season (and the only season) of Profit. I watched it back then in the late 90's and it was a great series. Although it had the uncommon 'dark' theme back then, such theme seems to be flourished nowadays.

Jim Profit is a corporate employee with one aim: to climb up the corporate ladder of Gracen and Gracen by any means necessary. By any means includes extortion, murder, fraud, and theft. Curiously enough, as an audience, I failed to condemn the main character for doing what he did. Instead, I take him as a protagonist, the 'good' guy. The charm and wit of Jim Profit were his weapons to obtain whatever he wanted, even at the expense of others. Whenever things went wrong, he always prevailed in improvising his way out of the crisis.

The plot was great. I could say that I enjoyed every bit of the screen time. The twists and turns made me always to want more. Sadly, the series was cancelled after only one season. Perhaps FOX thought the theme was too dark and thus controversial at that time.

Great acting always plays a crucial part in making the story alive and 'believable'. The performances of the entire cast were absolutely brilliant. The cunning yet calm Jim Profit was perfectly portrayed by Adrian Pasdar. Lisa Darr who played Gail, Profit's assistant also played well. Then there were Lisa Blount as Bobby, the manipulative stepmother of Jim Profit; Jack Gwaltney as Pete Gracen; Allison Hossack as Nora Gracen, Pete's wife; Keith Szarabajka as the CEO of Gracen and Gracen Chaz Gracen; Lisa Zane as Joanne Meltzer, the head of security that was obsessed in exposing Profit's dirty acts; and also Sherman Augustus as Jeffrey Sykes who had a secret vendetta to destroy Gracen and Gracen.

For people who love suspense, I would definitely recommended this series. While its main character is evil, his opponents were sometimes evil, too. Instead of cursing Profit, perhaps most would eventually sympathize his character. Yet, despite it's just a movie, I believe things in the series are abound in real corporate life.

Final score: 10.0.

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